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Cleaning out Your Closet: How to Decide if You Should Keep Something!

Posted by Kirsta Hawkins on


As you know, it’s springtime here in Melbourne (except when it’s winter again for a day), so we’re all cleaning out our closets and switching out the coats for tank tops.  It’s my favorite time of year for passing along clothes that are taking up too much space in my very tiny wardrobe.  Here are a few things to consider when you’re not sure if something should make the cut:


My best "thinking constructively about this cleaning business" face


Think about why you are doing this. It will give your mission some perspective.  Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams?  Did your body recently change shape?  Do you need more color in your life?  Do you own 74 striped tees but only really need 32?

Bring a friend. This makes the whole thing a lot more fun and a friend can call you out on your “but I loooove this too-small top that I haven’t worn in three years!” feelings.  I find having someone to chat to while doing this makes it much faster.

Try it on!  Have a little fashion show with yourself.  It’s fun!  It helps with brainstorming new outfits and it’s the surest way to get a check on something you haven’t worn in a while.

Does it actually fit?  We all love to hold on to those pieces that we bought thinking “This will fit in six months” or “It’s great as long as I don’t sit down or move at all!” If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you won’t look comfortable wearing it either.  Someone else will love it just as much as you and you’ll have more room for things that do fit. 

Have I worn it in the last two years?  One of the best parts about personal style is that it changes over time.  Embrace it!  If you don’t love something as much as you used to, that’s just fine.  Or maybe you're a bit bored and want to try new things, even better.  


And the final test…


Wear it out of the house.  Make a pile if your “maybes” and wear them out of the house.  You will know instantly whether you need to keep it or not.


We hope these tips will help you make space for some lovely summery items! 


If you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe and like what we’re doing here at Mutual Muse, we’d love to take your old items.  Contact me at or send me a message on the facebook page at  Talk to you soon!!  xx



One of our lovely customers cleaned out her closet, and we all benefit!  Yay!


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