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How to Sell to Mutual Muse

Posted by Kirsta Hawkins on

Mutual Muse will be hitting the markets in December so that means we need even more stock.  Wooohoooo!!!

These may look like rubbish bags but they are actually treasure chests full of wonder and possibility.

I’ve received many questions about how exactly one sells to Mutual Muse.  We have a few options and I am more than happy to do whatever works for you, my lovely customers. 

First, you’ll need to clean out your closet.  Maybe you’ve already done this but I’m including it because I want to caution you against bringing only your “best” stuff. BRING EVERYTHING! Really!  It’s natural for you to think your old clothes might not be as awesome as they really are, but I’d love to see them anyway.

Next, we have two options: I Go To You or You Come To Me.

I Go To You:  If you are close by or have a few big bags, I am happy to do a pick-up at your house.  I can go through your things there but I generally find it’s more comfortable for my customers if I do this after leaving. 

You Come To Me:  I work out of Nest Coworking on High St in Thornbury several days a week.  This is a neutral place for you to bring me your things if you are a little unsure about inviting a stranger over to your house. 

In either case, I’ll go through your items and pick out the pieces my customers will love.  I’ll email you a receipt containing your store credit or cash amount within 2-3 business days.  Any items that I don’t take can be picked up within 2 business days or I can donate them to a local charity.  You can use your store credit at or in-person at the markets to buy something new. 

I love meeting my customers in-person, it’s one of the many reasons I’m so passionate about this business.  So far I’ve had only good experiences meeting the like-minded ladies who love used clothing as much as I do.  I know it may feel like a leap of faith because Mutual Muse is a new business but it will be so worth it.  I will always remember the ladies who took a chance on me in the early days, especially because everyone has been so rad. 

I hope I’ve convinced you because I really want YOUR clothes!  Mutual Muse is successful because of our amazing customers and that means you, fashionable, thrifty lady reading from your computer right now.  Please contact me via email at or on our facebook page



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