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Fitzroy Market

Posted by Kirsta Hawkins on

Mutual Muse spent the weeks before the holidays working the market circuit.  We did Abbotsford Market and Brunswick Flea and had so much fun I forgot to take pictures.  I made a point of getting some snaps of the goings on at Fitzroy Market.  

Having fun as always.  That gorgeous redhead behind me bought three dresses!

The new stock (most of which hasn't made it to the website yet- eep!) has been flying off the racks. The response is amazing, ladies are pumped about the clothes, the selection, and especially the prices.  Meeting my customers in person is one of the best parts of this business.  New customers lead to meeting new sellers which leads to even more new stock.  Things are really looking positively around these parts.

Check out some of the sights from the day.  


This gentleman named Norman walked by with his giant carrot.


Kevin!!  What a sweetie.


The calm before the storm (with an appearance from Alec the best shop assistant ever).


This shoe+sock combo makes me weak in the knees. 



I try hard not to shop other stalls but I couldn't resist this tie-dye muumuu.  I'm obsessed.


Mutual Muse will be back at Fitzroy Market on 17 January, so I hope I'll see you then!

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